Publisher & Partner

Chris O’Sullivan

Chris O’Sullivan is an entrepreneur with a passion for entrepreneurship. He has been a Reno resident since 1997, raised two children as native Nevadans and plans on being a Nevadan for the rest of his life.

Chris worked his way through high school and college as a cook and waiter. When he finished school, he continued his career in the food service industry working in major chains like El Torito and Chili’s, as well as other private companies. Chris spent the last seven years of his restaurant career in the gourmet coffee industry, culminating in the ownership of his own cafe, Jo To Go, in Fremont CA. After moving to Reno, Chris started working for local radio stations. Shortly thereafter he began a 12-year career as a stockbroker. He began with a large broker-dealer, AG Edwards, and spent the next 6 years as an independent. Chris began his publishing career in the middle of 2014, publishing The Good Life neighborhood magazines in Reno, Sparks and Carson Valley. His passion for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship brought him back to the B2B world when he started bizNEVADA magazine in 2017 with his business partner Richard Moore.

Writer, Journalist

Craig A. Ruark

Craig started his professional career in broadcasting; as a radio announcer, news reporter, and advertising account executive. During that time, he worked as a field reporter and later wrote and produced radio and television commercials and public service announcements.

Since 2014, Craig has worked as a freelance writer providing newsletter and blog content for clients in a variety industries. He has also been a contributing writer for the Las Vegas Business Press and Las Vegas Review-Journal, producing over 100 in-depth articles on a wide range of subjects from technology, to medical, economics, and local business. He has also interviewed some of Las Vegas’s most prominent individuals and written over a dozen profiles.